Gross Reservoir Expansion Project

Our highest responsibility remains to serve 1.4 million people today and a growing population in the future. We strive to do so while minimizing our environmental footprint and working collaboratively with our neighbors to protect and enhance supplies for agriculture, riparian habitat, stream health and many other needs.To protect our watersheds and endangered species, Denver Water is:

  • Providing $16.5 million for the From Forests to Faucets partnership, to be matched by the U.S. Forest Service (total of $33 million), for forest health initiatives in our watersheds.
  • A leader in the Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program, a strong coalition of states, agencies and environmental groups cooperating in the restoration of habitat for the humpback chub, Colorado pike minnow and other fish species.
  • A leader in the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program, combining multiple resources to restore and protect habitat for the whooping crane and other endangered species.

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