Gross Reservoir Expansion Project

As a major water provider in the West, we have a special responsibility to the environment and being a responsible steward of a most precious natural resource. We are dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of our watersheds and the properties and public amenities of our system. Two examples include our conservation plan, which is on-track to reduce overall water use from pre-2002 drought usage by 22 percent by the end of 2016. Another is our industry leadership in treatment and reuse of wastewater – water used for irrigation, industrial use and municipal purposes.

Water Use Efficiency / Water Conservation Facts
  • Denver Water has a longstanding, highly effective and nationally recognized water conservation program because we know the value of water in a dry region. Conservation is a critical part of our future water supply plan.
  • Our customers continue to do an incredible job using water efficiently. They’ve reduced water use by more than 20 percent in the past 15 years, despite a 15 percent population increase.
  • Every type of customer is asked to use only what they need, and Denver Water has conservation tools aimed at residential, commercial and industrial water uses. We also have rules that ensure that our customers don’t waste water, including a limit on the number of days and times customers can irrigate lawns or landscapes.
  • We have a tiered rate structure to encourage water conservation. The more customers use, the more they pay.
  • Denver Water spends more than $5 million each year to provide incentives to our customers to retrofit appliances, fixtures and irrigation systems with more efficient models.
  • It’s working! On average, we estimate that residents in our service area consume approximately 90 gallons per day, among the lowest rates in the western U.S.

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