Gross Reservoir Expansion Project

This short video summarizes Denver Water's community commitments based on years of study and robust outreach to Gross Reservoir neighbors. Also, read more on our Community Responsiveness page and on !

Based on feedback collected from the local community, Denver Water has made the following commitments:

Tractor-trailer traffic through Coal Creek Canyon
  • Create all sand and gravel on-site, reducing number of tractor trailer haul trucks per day from approximately 95 in peak years to approximately 35 per day (approximately 75 percent reduction from original plan to haul in sand and gravel from Denver [23,000 trucks]).
  • Coordinating closely with Jefferson and Boulder County School Districts to ensure hauling schedule does not conflict with school buses.
  • Coordinate with traffic count data to try and avoid the canyon during commuter rush times.
  • Partner with local law enforcement to provide additional patrols during material hauling.
  • Limit material hauling (tractor trailer haul trucks) to certain days of the week.
Gross Dam Road Safety
  • Increased road maintenance during the project.
  • Developing a traffic control plan including flagging operations during material hauling.
Hwy. 72 & Gross Dam Road Intersection Safety Concerns
  • Developing traffic safety improvements to intersection.
  • Developing a traffic control plan to move traffic to and from the site in a safe manner.
Crescent Park Drive
  • Limit type and amount of traffic on Crescent Park Drive.
Public Safety
  • Exploring possibility of paying for increased presence of Boulder County and/or Jefferson County Sheriffs during construction.
  • Exploring installation of a variable message sign at the mouth of the canyon.
Quarry Reclamation
  • Advocating to move the quarry outside of residents viewshed and further beneath the new reservoir surface, hiding the quarry from view during normal operations post construction.
Wildfire Mitigation
  • Working with the U.S. Forest Service on wildfire mitigation projects around the reservoir.
  • Require the contractor to develop and implement a wildfire prevention plan.
  • We will work to ensure noise associated with this project – whether it be heavy equipment, general construction, quarry blasting, etc., – is generated with as much sensitivity to our neighbors as is possible.
  • Investigating alternative equipment and measures to reduce construction noise.
  • Restricting the use of truck engine braking.
Light Pollution
  • Currently undergoing analysis; we will implement light pollution best practices wherever possible.
Closed Recreation
  • Recreation maintained on North Shore throughout construction.
  • Recreation facilities restored at completion of project.
  • More information available on our recreation page.
Employment Opportunities
  • Working with various organizations (American Job Center, Boulder County Workforce) to publicize employment opportunities.
Environmental Concerns
  • Use a certain (TBD) percentage of biodiesel.
  • Provide free firewood for neighbors from trees removed prior to inundation.
  • Avoid open burning of slash piles due to air quality concerns.
Information / Communication
  • Project specific website in place.
  • Variable message boards.
  • Increased availability during office hours at the public information yurt.

Community Outreach