August 6, 2021 – TAP

There are a few things many customers might know about Denver Water’s efforts to use water efficiently.

  • There was that fun and flashy and very effective 10-year “Use Only What You Need” campaign that cut per person water use by 22%.
  • Denver Water was among the first water utilities in the West to institutionalize summer restrictions with permanent three-day watering rules after the 2002 drought.
  • The utility uses recycled water for parks, golf courses, schools and power plants.
  • We require that people who use more water than typical households pay a higher rate for that additional water.
  • And there’s always this important piece of context: Denver Water serves one-quarter of Colorado’s population using less than 2% of the water used in the state. And Denver Water wants to see its customers use that water as efficiently as they can.

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