Gross Reservoir Expansion Project

Gross Dam was originally designed as a phased project; the first phase was completed in the 1950’s and is the dam we currently use to supply water to the North end of the system. As our demand grew, Denver Water planned to raise the dam to provide water in a just in time approach. With the metro area’s population projected to grow by 1 million people by 2040, the time has come to complete the original design intent by raising the dam to create a larger reservoir.

Expanding Gross Reservoir will help protect Denver Water customers from future drought and projected shortfalls in the overall water storage system. The project improves water dependability for many along Colorado’s Front Range by protecting against potential natural and human-caused disasters.

With demand projected to increase, expanding Gross Reservoir is one facet of Denver Water’s comprehensive strategy – including conservation, reuse and increasing supply – to meet future customers’ needs.

This project goes beyond securing our customer’s water future; it helps secure the future of the natural environment for all Coloradans. In addition to the environmental commitments we’ve made to communities surrounding the project, agreements are in place that tie this project directly to protecting South Boulder Creek and the Fraser, Williams Fork, Blue and Colorado rivers. In short, because of this project, they are better protected now than they were yesterday.

Governor Endorses Gross Reservoir Expansion Project

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