Below is a statement from Denver Water CEO/Manager, Jim Lochhead, regarding the complaint:

“When you’re responsible for delivering safe, clean drinking water to a quarter of the state’s population, failing is not an option. In the last 15 years, we’ve come close to running out of water on the north end of our system. And, coming off another hot, dry year, filled with catastrophic wildfires across the state, the urgency for Denver Water to strengthen the north end of our water system has only intensified. The time to expand Gross Reservoir is now.

“We’re confident in the 15 years of diligent study surrounding this project, including extensive review and approvals by more than 10 federal and state regulatory agencies. By partnering on numerous environmental enhancement projects that will go beyond mitigation of impacts, we’ve earned support from environmental and governmental agencies on both sides of the Continental Divide. Completing the project is essential to allow us to complete these environmental enhancements. In fact, the environmental and regulatory community told us to pursue expanding Gross Reservoir instead of building a new reservoir in 1990.

“Denver Water will support the Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in defending this case, and we will see this project through to completion.”