Below is a statement from Denver Water CEO/Manager Jim Lochhead regarding the Boulder County commissioner hearing on March 14, 2019:

Last night Denver Water staff presented to the Boulder County commissioners on the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project and listened to public comment presented during the four and a half-hour meeting.

The purpose of the hearing was for the commissioners to decide whether we should be required to go through what is known as a 1041 review process in Boulder County. Our position is state law exempts the expansion from the 1041 process because it was permitted under local land use codes at the time that the state enacted the law authorizing the 1041 review process.

The commissioners voted that Denver Water should go through their local 1041 process.

We’ll continue to evaluate what the appropriate processes are, under our permits and orders, to ensure we proceed in the most responsible way possible for our customers, the environment and the impacted communities.

We appreciate those from the community who spoke at the hearing and will continue listening to you as we develop plans with the goal of maximizing safety while minimizing public inconvenience. We’re open to incorporating additional measures to avoid and minimize impacts and are committed to being good neighbors through construction and beyond.