In response to a letter received from Boulder County’s Land Use Department, Denver Water CEO/Manager Jim Lochhead released the following statement:

“Denver Water has taken the position with Boulder County that the project is exempt from 1041 permitting since Gross dam and reservoir were allowed uses under Boulder County zoning at the time House Bill 1041 was enacted.

Expansion of the reservoir is essential to providing environmental benefits across the state and the reliability of Denver Water’s system that serves a quarter of the state’s population. Even though it’s not operated for flood control purposes, Gross Reservoir provided valuable flood control in the 1969 and 2013 flood events.

We recognize that certain construction activities will be disruptive to the local community. Denver Water will continue to seek input with stakeholders, including Boulder County and the local community, to develop plans to minimize these disturbances.

We will continue outreach efforts to address concerns of residents near Gross Reservoir about construction impacts and find ways to incorporate additional measures to avoid and minimize effects to Boulder and Jefferson county residents. We remain committed to working with the community and Boulder County in the development of various construction plans.”