Having this week received our Certificate of Occupancy from Boulder County, we thought we’d celebrate this weekend with a cookout at the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project’s Public Information Yurt!

Drop in at your convenience on Saturday, Sept.r 30th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for free hot dogs and burgers and to learn more about the upcoming project. The public information yurt is located just up the hill from our caretakers facility near 3656 Gross Dam Road.

Staffed by project representatives and observing regular office hours, the yurt will serve as a place where neighbors from the local community and reservoir users can stop and learn more about the project, express concerns and share experiences. We’re hopeful that this dedicated, consistent presence in the community will enable us to maintain open lines of communication and increase understanding from all perspectives.

Please email grossreservoir@denverwater.org with questions. We look forward to seeing you!