Gross Reservoir Expansion Project

Gross Reservoir
Expansion Project

Project Overview

Gross Reservoir was named for Denver Water former Chief Engineer Dwight D. Gross and was completed in 1954. It serves as a combination storage and regulating facility for water that flows under the Continental Divide through the Moffat Tunnel and supplies water to Denver Water’s North System.

The Gross Reservoir Expansion Project is crucial to providing water dependability to Colorado’s Front Range, protecting against potential catastrophic events such as fires, landslides, floods, drought and infrastructure failures. Gross Reservoir was originally designed with the intention of future expansion to provide necessary storage. With demand expected to increase in the coming years, expanding Gross Reservoir will add a new element of sustainability to Denver Water’s multi-pronged approach that includes conservation, reuse water and developing additional supply, to meet our customers’ future needs.

Governor Endorses Gross Reservoir Expansion Project


Owner’s Representative RFP – Addendum 1

Denver Water is seeking proposals from firms interested in providing Owner’s Representative services for the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project. This addendum includes changes to the minimum qualification requirements. For more information, click...

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